Glitter Gold Gilding Paint

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Cadence Water Based Gilding Paint This paint is suitable for decorative painting , home décor and general craft / hobby.

· Metallic texture, ready for use for decorative purposes.

·When dry, the paint will sparkle with a metallic appearance.

No thinning required.

It is recommended to apply at least 2 coats according to the technique used.

The application is simple.

Colors can mix among themselves.

Wait at least 1 hour between coats.

Shelf life is long.

·It can be easily cleaned with soap and water when wet.

Thanks to its special pigments, it has a high covering property.

·Can be used on all kinds of surfaces: wood, MDF, raw ceramic, canvas, plaster, papier mache, resin, candle, wall, fabric, leather, styrofoam, ceramic porcelain, polymer clay, watercolor paper, metal.